Evolve is Xamarin’s premier annual conference for developers. For the first time, I’m going to attend. This actually reflects the significant investment we’ve been making at Genisoft in the past three years in cross-platform mobile development. Almost three years after making the decision to bet on a technology that uses C# as a single programing language to build Windows, Android, and iOS application, we’re still convinced it is by far the best choice available.
This year Xamarin launched Xamarin Forms which promises to be another groundbreaking step forward in cross-platform mobile development. In a nutshell, Forms does for UI what C# does for core programming. One definition – multiple, native renderings after compilation. One more reason to attend Evolve this year :)
Technical details aside, what I’m looking for is the medium and long term vision regarding cross-platform mobile development. With the new, complex OS’s like iOS 8 and Windows 10, it’s very important for me to understand where the technology is heading and what is its future.