Microsoft Summit 2014 is getting closer and I'm running my preparations for the two talks I'll deliver during the conference. The event takes place in Bucharest at Wilbrook Platinum Business & Convention Center on the 12th and 13th of November.


The first talk is on Day 1 and starts at 14:00 in the SANTAL Room. Here's the official title and abstract:

Modern Office Applications

We’ve gone a long way from the early days of Office applications when development was based on COM components. Office 365 and especially SharePoint Online have changed dramatically the approach for and opportunities provided by Office applications. The new SharePoint application model is a significand architectural leap that enables developers to integrate with both online and on-premisses SharePoint farms while maintaining true isolation between components. This session covers the architectural and development challenges of developing modern Office applications on Office 365 and SharePoint. We’ll talk about the new application model, the new APIs we can use in this context, and about the hidden traps one should avoid in order to be productive. Real-life code examples will help you better understand both the big picture and the details.


The second talk is on Day 2 and starts at 11:00 in the SANTAL Room. Here's the official title and abstract:

Mobile Cross-Platform Development

The revolution of mobile is in full swing and the name of the game is adapt or dissapear. For developers, this translates into an ever increasing pressure to deliver true cross-platform applications in less and less time. Whether it’s about running seamlessly on phones and tablets, or about covering as many operating systems as possible, mobile development poses a number of interesting challenges these days. This session covers two of the hottest topics for .NET developers: universal applications and Xamarin technologies. We’ll talk about how the new universal application model changes the development process on Windows platforms. We’ll also talk about leveraging your C# skills to build true cross-platform applications using Xamarin. As usual, lots of real-life examples and deep technical discussions will make this session one not to be missed.

As usual, I'll use in both talks real-world examples derived from some of the solutions our teams have actually delivered in the past twelve months. You can also find me at the Genisoft-HTSS booth (we're also sponsors of the event), and I'll be happy to answer any questions or engage in both technical and/or business discussions.

See you at Microsoft Summit 2014!